The UpOnLocal Driving Team Song

Riders verse

The Local Family is the best family,
that ever took, a ride from A to B

You got your Highway ride
and your Freeway drive,
Your Underpass ride,
Up to the Local Dive

Singing Glorious, Glorious,
one low fee for the four of us

Sing Glory be to God that there are no more of us,
cause one of us drank Up all the beer, darn near!

Drivers verse

The Other Share Services are a Helluva thing to ride,
There aren't any benefits, the shares are gonna slide

There isn't any singing, and they haven't any class
just a whole lot of greed sticking drivers Up the (glorious!)

Singing Glorious, Glorious,
one fair deal for all of us,

Sing Glory be to God you don't have to take a bus,
Cause some of you will need another lift...Up outa here!