Join The Local News Teams

Be a part of the solution.

Anyone can become involved in Local News. It is easy. Whip out your camera and just be a reporter. Create a profile, post lots of reports, gain sponsorship.....
That is one way.

A second option is to form or JoinUp with a Local News Team. Local people teaming to produce a regular News Program.

UpOnLocal provides the tools to organize, promote, and gain funding for your Team. We also provide a broadcasting platform.
And a way for your local community to find your local news content.

When a Team develops, they can find their own support, or work with Local Advertising Representatives (ADRs) to source support.

Teams may consist of Newscasters, Camera Operators, other Technicians, Local Reporters, and if needed, a Producer who helps organize and keep everyone connected in the community.  Create a News Group, or JoinUp with one.

We also encourage independent or solo activity. Any accredited Journalist, or anyone who wants to act as a Reporter are welcome to use this platform.

Able to pull the facts and connect into the story

Able to collect the facts

Able to present the facts and the story

How it works:

Produce your own news content and be your own full news team.
Or gather a team together for more indepth local coverage.


Able to assist everyone and facilitate events and opportunities

Technical Crew
Able to plug in anywhere

Advertising Reps
Able to match Sponsors with Producers