Ride Share Service
Just like any other but better. All transactions are between you and the customer. We take no percentage, you set price and payment method.
Only Locals can view your credentials. Everyone can see your Videos.

To be a Local Driver... You must sing!
Only Drivers who will sing to their riders can be Local Ride Up Drivers. You must upload one video of you, standing beside your Vehicle singing any song to be approved. This lets everyone know you are an OK person to sing with.
Drivers may post as many songs as they wish, we encourage you to make many. Drivers will be rewarded for the songs they sing.

We ask riders to tip Drivers Who Sing for them.

In America, we sing.


Courier Delivery Service
You do not have to sing, but you can if you want to.
Have suitable credentials (Commercial Insurance) to show Locals.


Transport Hauling
Truckers, Owner Operators, use this section to become available directly to Locals for heavy and Distance hauling.
You can set a new location and select re-geolocate on your profile to become available to any local area you need a Load..


Drone Operators
(coming soon)


No percentage taken!

Real Locals who have validity
if a customer is troublesome, we can ban them

You set the Price

You set the Payment Method

Group Benefits
At this time there are none..however, we do provide the discussion and voting tools in the Drivers Lounge for you to develop a consensus... You may as a group decide you want group health, dental, etc. We for our part will help you organize it on the software side as far as is practical, at our discretion. You are there to help your community and customers, we are here to help you. Any suggestion you can put up that develops into an improvement on our part, is greatly appreciated. We want your ideas.


You must be a Local Member to be a Driver

There is a 10.00 Annual Software Fee to be a Driver

You must keep your credentials up to date, otherwise people wont contact you. If a Local informs us you have out of date credentials, we will ban you. Never Ever have out of date credentials.

All transactions are between you and the customer.

Additional Opportunity for Drivers

You can earn extra for singing! Create 10 song videos, and you get featured. Create 25 more and you qualify as a Show. As a Show, you get your fare share of page direct advertising. See Ad Revenues here.

You can also earn extra as a Reporter. As a driver, you are out can report on anything ...daily weather, traffic, accidents, man on the street, speakers corner in your Ride.... limitless opportunities for Drivers to be Content Creators. Create 25 News reports, you get featured and qualify for Ad Revenues...Same goes for Creative works....Post 25, your get the benefits...start a Talk Show!

The UpOnLocal Driving Song

The Local Family is the best family,
that ever took, a ride from A to B

You got your Highway ride
and your Freeway drive,
Your Underpass ride,
down to the Local Dive

Singing Glorious, Glorious,
one low fee for the four of us

Sing Glory be to God that there are no more of us,
cause one of us is drinking all the beer, damn near!

The Other Share Services are a Helluva thing to ride,
There arent any benefits, the drivers rarely smile

There isnt any singing, and they havent any class
just a whole lot of greed sticking drivers in the A**

Singing Glorious, Glorious,
one fare deal for all of us,

Sing Glory be to God we dont have to take a bus,
Cause one of us will need another lift...outa here!