Local Riders Guide

  • You can specify if you want a Driver to Call, or message you via UpOnLocal Private Messaging (UPM) system to confirm.
  • You can create a regular Driver for yourself, just keep their contact info saved.
  • All the Local Drivers have credentials, take time to pick a Driver best for you.
  • Drivers show fees and payment methods on their profiles.
  • Requests auto expire, but please cancel your request when you have a Driver to avoid a rush.
  • To put your request at the top of drivers lists if you have not been contacted, edit your request and save it again, this will refresh it to the top.

We hope all the Local Drivers are courteous and provide good service. Please rate drivers appropriately on their profile pages.

Gain Local User Points each time you use the service

We hope your Driver Sings well, and encourage everyone to sing along and enjoy the ride.

Post your own singing video here at UpOnLocal.com too!